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Wendell Bonafacio 25th anniversary

Wendell Bonafacio celebrates 25th anniversary working for CWM

wendel_cwm_25yearsLast April, Wendell Bonafacio celebrated his 25th anniversary working for CWM. He started his career at our sister company Windward Roads in St. Maarten and after 4 years, returned to his ‘dushi Korsou’ in the function of Head Estimating department and member of the management team.

In 2012 Mr. Bonafacio became Managing Director of CWM and BWM, after have been working as Assistant Director in addition to his job as Head of the Estimating department.


Wendell: “CWM and BWM are beautiful companies to work for. The diversity of the applications and projects make each day a challenge. This, combined with the great colleagues, is reason enough to start every working day with pleasure.”