All under one roof

From start to finish we design, build, and maintain any infrastructural project. With our premium equipment, thorough preparation, and flawless execution we build according to American or European requirements.
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Road Construction
Everything for a smoother ride

CWM builds and maintains the roads you drive on. Whether we connect point A to point B or design the infrastructure for a real estate development plan, every project is executed according to the highest standards.
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Underground Infrastructure
Quality beneath the surface

No project above the ground can be realized without a solid underground infrastructure. For every soil type we use a unique approach to dig and lay everything needed to support all activities above the ground.
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Sports and Leisure
Bringing people together

By building sports fields and public places, we strive for more social interaction and a more pleasurable living environment. Enjoy life outside more with our custom-built sports and leisure projects.
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Projects realized
New developments

New Director CWM

Countless Opportunities Ahead Even after 14 years in the service of CWM, a lack of enthusiasm for his work is the last that can be blamed on Pierre Montesant. As the brand-new CWM director, which was officially completed on 1 January this year, he looks to the future of the 69-year-old company with confidence....

Big Farewell Party for Bonafacio

Celebrating Wendell Bonafacio’s 34 years of success at Curaçaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij On September 7th, 2023, a special event was organized to honor Mr. Wendell Bonafacio, the esteemed director of Curaçaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij (CWM), on the occasion of his retirement after an impressive 34-year career with the company. Mr. Bonafacio, also known as the director...

Sustainability as a Goal

Cleaner Building Solutions Management of CWM aims to make the company even more sustainable. After the closure of the Isla refinery and because Venezuela is no longer an option, the cleaner bitumen to produce asphalt has to come from elsewhere. CWM can perform quality checks on the asphalt in its own lab to ensure...

About the company

Curaçaose Wegenbouw (CWM) was founded in 1953 when parent company Janssen de Jong was asked to build HATO Airport. Since then CWM has constantly innovated and kept up with the latest developments, because innovation and guaranteed quality are our core values. Curaçaose Wegenbouw stands for construction in its broadest sense. With our qualified personnel and high-tech machinery we will build everything from your driveway to the complete infrastructure of a new real estate development plan. CWM can also build your sports fields using asphalt, turf or gravel.

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