Swift Small Project Execution


No More Headaches!

Precisely because CWM is involved in large-scale projects, the impression is that the company will be expensive and has no interest in serving private individuals. Nothing is less true; even gladly, Director Montesant assures! Like no other, CWM can relieve the customer of many headaches by taking care of the supply of materials (sand, stones, cement, concrete, asphalt, clinker bricks, etc.). What about a residential driveway, tiling (part of) the garden, a patio in or around the house? It will soon become apparent that the rates are very competitive. As for the larger projects, a cost estimate is made for the customer at a rapid pace. In short, CWM is also approachable for those so-called ‘small assignments’. If CWM can install athletics tracks and artificial grass pitches for sports facilities, then there is no need to install artificial grass in private gardens.