Donations / Sponsoring

Until further notice, we are not able to process applications for sponsorship or donations. However . if your organization has been affected financially by the Covid-19 situation,please to forward your email to

Our company receives daily many requests to sponsor an event, an association, activity or charity.

We make our choices based on our sponsorship and donation policy.

Which activities suit our company and do we want to sponsor? And which requests do we want to donate?


What gets our attention are socially and socially cultural activities.

Sports activities, especially with regard to youth, are also part of our policy.

However, a choice has to be made from the many applications. It can therefore happen that applications that meet all the criteria themselves are being rejected.

And no matter how good the objectives of the organizers are, we cannot honor all requests.

Individual persons or individual (commercial) organizations are not sponsored.

Profit-oriented entities are not eligible for financial support.

Your application must fit within our sponsorship policy and meet the following criteria:

Your application contains a clear description of:

  • the organization and / or activity in question
  • the reason(s) why you apply for sponsorship
  • the nature and size of the desired sponsor contribution
  • an overview of any co-sponsors or fundraising that you have already organized
  • a proposal for consideration (s) – (such as placing signs, flags, including logos in program booklets, social media, etc.).

In the case of projects or events, the sponsor request must be received by us two months prior to the start of this.

Furthermore, your organization must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce Curaçao and have a bank account under the same name. Unfortunately, no payments are made on individual persons.

If you want to send us a request, email it to: to the attention of Mrs. Caresse Josefa. Don’t forget to provide us with a contact person and telephone number.

You will receive a message from us within a minimum of two month.