Complete Allotment Plans


CWM (and consequently its sister companies as well) is mainly known to the public as the executor of large infrastructural projects, often on behalf of the government and for which a lot of publicity is often involved. The fact is that the road network is largely in the hands of the government. CWM participates in public tenders for projects that governments want to see carried out, whereby market rates are invariably charged with the guarantee of a high-quality result.

Yet that is too limited a view of what the company can and does, because CWM is not just a road builder. The company also does work for the construction of underground cables (power and fiber-optic casing pipes), (water) pipes, rainwater drainage, sewers, etc. The company provides complete allotment plans with all facilities, including electricity meter boxes and street lighting. That is why private companies, including utilities, hotels, offices, project developers and brokers, have been knocking on CWM for more than just paving (asphalt or clinker bricks) for years. Incidentally, CWM obtains the required asphalt from its own asphalt plant and clinkers in all kinds of shapes and colors from sister company Beton Industrie Brievengat (BIB).

The motto within the Janssen de Jong Caribbean is therefore ‘Let’s Build Happiness Together’, says its Director Montesant. This group not only has skilled personnel at its disposal, but also has its own equipment, such as asphalt finishers, asphalt rollers, excavators, loaders, and milling machines, such as for the project to provide the runway of the international airport in Anguilla with a new layer of asphalt. The strength of this cluster is that these autonomous business units, although they have their own pricing and purchasing policies, complement each other so that the customer receives attractive offers – without an accumulation of OB! Being a partner in a larger company has many advantages. For example, the parts of Janssen de Jong Caribbean have put their heads together to share knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the customer.