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Santa Barbara Plantation


Santa Barbara Plantation

Santa Barbara Plantation/ Santa Barbara Recreation


CWM has built the complete underground and above the ground infrastructure for Santa Barbara Plantation. For this prestigious project CWM carried out the infrastructural work.
For the underground infrastructure, CWM laid the complete high voltage and low voltage network, high-pressure lines from the entrance to the purification facilities, and the complete telecommunications network. We also laid all main water pipes and service water pipes from and to all lots, and installed public lighting.

The 5 km long main road (including rain drainage systems) from the main entrance to the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, as well as the by-ways for the many parcels, such as the Marina Village, Terrace Homes, Terraces Estates and Fairway lots, were also built by CWM. The large parking lot at the entrance, the parking lot at the hotel, and the roundabout at the entrance were built by CWM in the second phase. Furthermore, we’ve built the Boat Storage Area and a maintenance area at Seru Boca Marina, and the tennis court at the hotel.