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Renovation of the Wilhelminaplein


Renovation of the Wilhelminaplein in Curacao’s Center

Ministry of Health, Environment & Nature.


The Wilhelminapark – a large green area with a social purpose in the center of Willemstad – got a complete make-over.

A visible improvement to locals and an attraction to tourists: the Wilhelminaplein in Punda. The large words DUSHI and CURACAO stand out in the park and are a great background for taking pictures.

CWM’s work was among other things, to demolish the existing podiums, playground equipment, sofas, hardened surface, and plants. After that we worked on laying the ground work, installing HWA and DWA pipes and wells, improving the road foundation, and laying about 2,500 square meters of paving. CWM also installed speed bumps, park lighting, sofas, and a large iguana sculpture. Furthermore they built a new podium, a covered terrace, a pergola with 6 new vending stalls, and a lawn field. We’ve also planted new plants and trees. The famous Wilhelmina statue was cleaned and repaired where needed.