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Punda Binnenstad


Renovation sewage Downtown Punda



Rain water and sewage from buildings used to be drained through one system. With this renovation, the goal was to separate the sewage and rain water drainage. This separate draining has started decades ago by building pumping stations that pump sewage to purification plants and rain to the ocean. However, there are still systems that work in the old-fashioned way and are in need of renovation.

For this project, all existing pipes needed to be dug up and replaced with two separate pipes: one pipe that disposes of sewage and one that disposes of rain water. The sewage will be contained separately and transported via a new system to the pumping station at the Waaigat.

The restaurants use a separate system that collects fat, which is stored in special containers. These are regularly cleaned by special trucks that dispose of the fat at a specifically assigned location.

The rain water is collected and drained into the ocean. The new system provides for a cleaner city with minimum smells and a better living environment.