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Eigen Woning Plan


Complete design & build several project plans for Eigen Woning Plan

Eigen Woning Plan

2004 – now

Eigen Woning Plan is a daughter company of Janssen de Jong Caribbean. Project Development has coordinated the total plan of design and building the several residential homes of Eigen Woning Plan in accordance with the concept of PPP (public private partnership). Project Development is also responsible for sales.
The Eigen Woning Plan projects are: Cas Cora Nobo, Cayena Gardens, Bista Musikal and (upcoming) Acropolis.

CWM has build the complete underground and above the ground infrastructure for all projects of Eigen Woning Plan (EWP).
For the underground infrastructure CWM laid all the necessary piping for all utilities like telecommunication and electricity. CWM also installed all main water pipes and service water pipes from and to all lots, and installed public lighting. Above the ground a beautiful road was created to give access to and from the entrance and all houses.

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