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CWM, a drug-free work place!


Notice DRUG-FREE (1)Willemstad – Last year the CWM introduced a new code of conduct. As part of this introduction various aspects of integrity were presented. Integrity is key at CWM! “As a company we have to work as a team, responsibly! It’s not only something to strive for, but it’s a requirement in our line of work!” according to  Wendell Bonafacio managing director at CWM. “At CWM safety is extremely important, as a company that operates with heavy equipment on public roads, our employees must be focused at all times and have no interference or drug related influence whatsoever. They work minimising risk and responsibly at all times!  We are not only dealing with the safety of our own employees, but also with that of our partner companies collaborating with us on various projects and with the general public! We work for the people of this island, and we must do our job accordingly! Bonafacio continued by saying. “A healthy and responsible employee contributes this!” At the beginning of the month all CWM employees underwent a drug test. CWM is truly proud to announce that the results were positive. CWM also scored high compared to other companies in the same sector as a drug-free work place! CWM will continue to do random checks in order to continue to uphold the integrity within the company and the safety of all. We build roads to move forward, not to go backwards!