Construction of a Traffic Circle at Sta. Rosaweg / Seru Loraweg

The Ministry of Traffic, Transportation, and Spatial Planning

August 26, 2015

July 8, 2016

11.5 months

A traffic circle was built at the intersection between Santa Rosaweg, Seru Loraweg, and Weg naar Santa Catharina. In addition to the traffic circle, CWM built a direct connection from Seru Loraweg to Santa Rosaweg, which provides access to the homes located there and features parking spaces and a green area. In a westerly direction, Santa Rosaweg has been provided with a median strip and green area, as well as a sidewalk on both sides. In addition, 1 bus stop was built. In an easterly direction, Santa Rosaweg was reconstructed up to the intersection with Kaya Pita and Cadushistraat, and provided with 1 bus stop. The raised intersection should increase the safety of traffic participants on the different junctions. From this intersection, construction was limited to sidewalks and driveways up to the intersection with Katunastraat. Here, too, a raised intersection was built. The traffic circle improves the flow of traffic at this intersection.