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Curaçaose Wegenbouw (CWM) was founded in 1953 when parent company Janssen de Jong was asked to build HATO Airport. Since then CWM has constantly innovated and kept up with the latest developments, because innovation and guaranteed quality are our core values.

Curaçaose Wegenbouw stands for construction in its broadest sense. With our qualified personnel and high-tech machinery we will build everything from your driveway to the complete infrastructure of a new real estate development plan. CWM can also build your sports fields using asphalt, turf or gravel.

CWM works closely together with sister company Eigen Woning Plan (EWP) in realizing affordable housing projects by building the infrastructure.

Sister companies Mijnmaatschappij Curaçao, Betonindustrie Brievengat, Janssen de Jong Project Development, Janssen de Jong Projects, and Eigen Woningplan are all subsidiaries of Janssen de Jong Caribbean, which is a subsidiary of Janssen de Jong Holding in the Netherlands. The same goes for the companies Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Mij in Bonaire, Arubaanse Wegenbouw Mij and Albo Bouwbedrijf in Aruba, and Windward Roads in St. Maarten.

In September 2013 CWM festively celebrated its 60 year or diamond anniversary together with its personnel. To celebrate this joyous occasion a symbolic check was given to Parke Tropikal (the former zoo of Curacao) to help upgrade the infrastructure in the park. Read more about this in our [link to 6B]news section[/link].

The director of CWM is Mr. Wendell Bonafacio who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary at the company. Mr. Bonafacio is also in charge of sister company Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Mij in Bonaire supported by his management team.