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Donations / Sponsoring

CWM has a fixed yearly budget for sponsoring and donations. We will do our best to fund as many projects as we can within the limits of this budget.

If you would like to apply for a donation or sponsorship, please take into account the following:
– We do not offer donations to private parties.
– Requesting organizations need to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce.
– CWM has a donation policy aimed primarily at youth, sport activities or culture, apart from some exceptions.
– Please make sure we receive your request well in advance.

Write your request in a well substantiated letter in which you explain the goal, and which funds have already been acquired by the organization, or which activities have taken place to reach this goal. Send your letter to:

Curacaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij
t.a.v. Caresse Hermans
Fort Nassauweg z/n

Examples of prior sponsoring activities:
• Each year CWM sponsors AGKK , responsible for the coordination of the Curacao Carnaval
• Amstel Curacao Race
• Curadoet
• Ride for the Roses